February 14 - The Firing of Trump's National Security Advisor; The North Korean Dictator's Brazen Assassination of His Older Brother; Venezuela's Vice President Sanctioned as a Drug Kingpin

November 2 - Demonstrations Against South Africa's Corrupt President; Making Sense of the Swing in the Polls; Record Spending by Drug Companies to Kill Measure Bernie Sanders Supports

August 3 - Trump's Dangerous Talk About Using Nukes; US Silent on Death Toll From Filipino Vigilantes; Obama Commutes While the Congress Fills Jails

April 19 - How Wall Street Sees Bernie and Hillary; The UN General Assembly's Special Session on Drugs; Dysfunction and Corruption in Baghdad as More American Troops Arrive

October 19 - Hope For Change in Canada's Elections; The Approaching Debt Ceiling Nightmare; Global Decriminalization of Drugs Shielded at the UN

February 3 - Do We Now Have a Plutonomy?; "Hoffman and the Terrible Heroin Deaths in the Shadows"; The War on Drugs on the Heroin Front

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