November 1 - Islamic State Victories in Spite of Russian and American Bombing; Erdogan's Cynical Election Strategy; The Strategic Incoherence of the Obama Administration's Iraq/ Syria Policy

August 20 - Jimmy Carter Faces Brain Cancer; Turkey's President Erdogan's Cynical Power Play; the Rebellion Facing Greece's PM from His Own Party

June 9 - Growing Distrust of the Criminal Justice System; How Will Turkey Form a Government?; $175 Million to Get the GOP to Take Climate Change Seriously

June 7 - The Smoking Gun of 28 Secret Pages Implicating Saudi Arabia in 9/11; Hezbollah's War With ISIL and Possibly Israel; Will Turkey's Election Give Erdogen Unchecked Powers?

April 27 - The Human and Cultural Toll From the Nepal Earthquake; The New Japan/ U.S. Defense Posture; The Growing International Isolation of Turkey

November 30 - What is Behind the Plunge in Oil Prices; Turkey's Powerful Leader and its Foreign Policy at Odds with the U.S.; Venezuela's Shaky Economy Takes a Hit as Oil Prices Fall