Latin America

February 14 - The Firing of Trump's National Security Advisor; The North Korean Dictator's Brazen Assassination of His Older Brother; Venezuela's Vice President Sanctioned as a Drug Kingpin

December 18 - Trump's Pro-Settler Anti-Two-State Ambassador to Israel; Why is the Left So Blind to Who Putin Is?; As Left Wing Populism Ruins Venezuela, Will Right Wing Populism Under Trump Ruin America?

November 27 - Will Raul Castro Emerge from Under His Brother's Shadow? A Fox News Political Hack for the National Security Council: Russia's Fake News Offensive

May 2 - Commercialism Trumps Democracy; A Critique of Bernie Sanders From the Left; What's Behind Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis

March 21 - An Analysis of Trump's Foreign Policy and His Foreign Policy Team; Where Presidents Obama and Raul Castro Converge and Diverge; Could Protesters Make Trump the Candidate of Chaos?

December 6 - The Background and Motives of the San Bernardino Terrorists; Challenges Facing Homeland Security; Update on the Congressional Election in Venezuela

April 15 - Economic Fairness on Tax Day; Your Cuban Terrorist is My Freedom Fighter; Finally a For-Profit College Gets Fined

April 12 - Shattering the Ultimate Glass Ceiling; Drones and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare; The U.S. and Cuba's President At An Historic Meeting

April 9 - Obama Backpedals on Venezuela; Lessons From the Tsarnaev Sentencing; Why Desert Cities Are Running Out of Water

April 7 - Will Rand Paul Run for President on Principle or Pragmatism?; "Rand Paul Would Be the Worst President on Civil Rights Since the 1800's"; Obama Heads to Jamaica Where Austerity Is Worse than Greece's