May 28 - Will the FIFA Scandals Undo Russia's 2018 World Cup?; Can FIFA's Monopoly on World Soccer Be Undone; Theocrats in the Republican Presidential Primaries

May 10 - Putin's Parade; A Post-Mortem on the UK Elections; Will Greece Get Through This Coming Week's Crisis?

April 19 - Putin Accuses the U.S. of Wanting "Vassal States"; The Saudi Quagmire in Yemen; Questions Remain About Oklahoma City Bombing

March 15 - The Worst Cyclone in the History of the Pacific; Venezuela Reacts to the U.S. Charge It Is a Threat; Why the Left Drinks the Kremlin's Koolaid

March 1 - “Russia’s Army of Avengers”; Was Boris Nemtsov's Assassination a Kremlin Hit?; The Real Reasons Behind the Rise in Gas Prices

February 11 - The Shooting of Three Muslim Students in North Carolina; A Case against the U.S. Arming Ukraine; The Powerful Memoir of a War Photographer's Life and Love

February 8 - A Moscow-Based Defense Analyst on the War in Ukraine; Blurring the Line Between Fact and Fiction in America's Wars; The Crossing of the Line Between Embellishment and Fabrication by NBC's Brian Williams

February 5 - Will the West Arm Ukraine?; “The Road to Iraq: The Making of Neoconservative War” and How the Neocons May be Rewarded for Their Failures by a Clinton or Bush Presidencies

February 3 - The Reaction Inside Jordan to the Burning Alive of Their Captive Pilot; How the Jordanian Pilot's Death Impacts the King's Rule; Putin's Gangster State

January 13 - Police Officers Charged with Murder; The Fall of Putin and Who or What Might Replace Him; Long Hours, No Vacations, Yet When We Are Idle, We Are the Most Creative

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