April 19 - Fact-Free America; The Gulf Two Years Later; Stepping Up For Earth Day

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Part 1

We begin with American Historian James Loewen whose famous quote “People have the right to their own opinions, but their own facts” was expropriated by George Zimmerman on his new website along with quotes from Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke. Since James Loewen has taught race relations for 20 years and has written about “Sundown Towns” that kept blacks out, he is none too happy to be featured on Zimmerman’s website. He has an article at the History News Network “George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and Me”.


james loewen


Part 2

Then, since tomorrow will be the second anniversary of the BP blowout in the Gulf, we speak with Aaron Viles, who leads the Gulf Restoration Network’s response to the BP drilling disaster and the organization’s efforts to protect and restore coastal habitats throughout the Gulf. We will discuss the contrast between BP’s slick propaganda campaign on TV and the reality on the shores and in the waters of the Gulf and the failure of the Justice Department to prosecute anyone.

aaron viles


Part 3

Then finally as Earth Day approaches, we get an assessment of where we stand in the face of the Global Warming Crisis. And since our government is paralyzed by powerful interests who continue to propagate denial, we look into what citizens can do to save the planet. Gar Lipow, the author of a new book “Solving the Climate Crisis: Public Investment in Social Prosperity to Cool a Fevered Planet”, joins us

gar lipow
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