January 11 - A Former CIA Officer on the Leaked Dossier; The Rise of Authoritarian Populism in the West; Trump's Absurd Ethical Firewall Between Him and His Sons

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Part 1

We begin with the 35 page appendix of an intelligence report leaked to BuzzFeed, a two page summary of which was presented to President Obama and president-elect Trump last week, which contains damaging and salacious information on Donald Trump as a target of a Russian compromise “Kompromat” operation aimed at influencing our recent election. Phil Giraldi, a former CIA officer now executive director of the Council for the National Interest who has an article at The American Conservative “How a Former CIA Officer Reads the Trump Dossier”, joins us to discuss Donald Trump’s reaction to the explosive charges in the dossier which describes potential blackmail that the Russian Intelligence services could hold over Trump and alleges that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen held secret meetings with Russian officials in Prague during the campaign.

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Part 2

Then, as Donald Trump continues to defend Vladimir Putin while calling criticism of his alleged ties to Russia “fake news” and the intelligence service, which produced the leaked dossier “Nazis”, we look into the frightening rise of authoritarian populism in the west. A veteran senior Congressional staffer, Mike Lofgren, the author of “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government” joins us to discuss his article at Bill Moyers.com “Maybe This IS How Democracy Ends” and whether Donald Trump, as he assumes the presidency, will be able to replace the Secret Service with private bodyguards as he plans to do, and purge the Intelligence community of critics while corralling the press which he denigrates and despises.  

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Part 3

Then finally we examine the promises made today at Trump’s press conference by his tax lawyer who showed up to make an announcement that Trump would maintain ownership but turn over his businesses to his sons and that he would not engage in foreign deals. Danielle Brian, the Executive Director of POGO, the Project On Government Oversight, joins us to discuss the absurdity of this proposed firewall between Trump and his sons and Trump’s closing remark at today’s press conferences that if his sons failed to do a good job, after his time in office, Trump would turn to them and say “you’re fired!”

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