January 20 - Israel Lurches to the Right; The Speech Obama Should Make; Will Obama be Rewarded by a Conservative Crack-up?

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Part 1

We begin with next Tuesday’s election in Israel that is likely to bring back a right wing government in coalition with a far right wing party that will be increasingly out of step with the largely liberal American/Jewish community who support Israel, a government with a more combative relationship with America’s president, who already has trouble dealing with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Gideon Levy, a journalist and member of the Editorial Board of Ha’aretz joins us from Jerusalem to discuss Israel’s march to the right. gideon levy


Part 2

Then we hear a speech that President Obama will not give at Monday’s inauguration but should. Paul Ehrlich, the President of Center for Conservation Biology and Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University joins us to speak about how climate change is baking Australia and flooding America’s east coast and that climate disruption with wreak havoc on our food supply already heavily dependent on greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuel. He calls for a new Manhattan or man-on-the-moon project to address global warming that the president should enunciate before it is too late.

paul ehrlich


Part 3

Then finally Sam Tanenhaus, the Editor of the New York Times Book Review joins us. He is the author of “The Death of Conservatism: A Movement and Its Consequences” and we discuss how much President Obama’s second term might be rewarded by the growing fratricide within the conservative movement between what David Brooks calls the Tea Party /Talk Radio base of the Republican Party and its less ideological corporate and managerial class.

sam tanenhaus