January 28 - Exposing the Profiteering Off Vets by the Wounded Warrior Project; A Highly Decorated Vet's Disgust at the Wounded Warrior Project; The Lowering of the IQ in the Intelligence Community

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Part 1

With Donald Trump boycotting tonight’s Republican presidential primary debate and holding his own competing event which he says is aimed at raising money for veterans rather than making Fox News rich, we begin with investigations into the country’s most prominent and self-promoted veterans charity, the Wounded Warrior Project. Tim Mak, a Senior Correspondent for The Daily Beast who covers campaigns, politics, national security and Congress and for years has reported on excessive overhead expenses at the Wounded Warriors Project, joins us. We will discuss how the CEO of this so-called charity that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, as a member of the advisory board of the Charity Defense Council, appears not to be keeping costs down and giving the majority of funds to the needy, but rather is focused on lobbying for higher overhead and more executive compensation for himself and the entire tax-exempt non-profit charitable sector.


Part 2

Then we speak to a highly decorated veteran Dr. Philip Butler, a former Navy light-attack carrier pilot who was shot down over North Vietnam and spent eight years as a POW. He joins us to express his disgust at how politicians and groups like the Wounded Warrior Project take advantage of vets to either make money for themselves or get votes while 50,000 vets are sleeping on America’s streets and millions depend on food stamps that these same politicians say they want to cut.


Part 3

Then finally we look into how two rackets that live off the fat of the land and suck up taxpayer money, the post 9/11 Intelligence Industrial Complex and the for-profit college industry, have merged in an expose by veteran national security journalist William Arkin at VICE News, “Doctors of Doom: What a PhD Really Means in the National Security Community“. The author of “Top Secret America” and “Unmanned: Drones, Data, and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare”. He joins us to discuss how our Intelligence Community has lowered its standards to give top secret clearances to recruits who have worthless diplomas and little knowledge or education.