July 31 - Did The Economic Hostage-takers Win?; Democracy and the Corporate Duopoly; Would Jesus Crash the Economy?

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Full Program


Part 1

An expert on government, Paul Light joins us to discuss how the Republicans seem to have won in spite of having manufactured this crisis to achieve their policy goals through extortion, by threatening to damage an already weak economy which the Democrats will be running on next year.

Part 2

The Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute Jeffrey Sachs joins us to assess what seems to be a suicide pact that President Obama is expected to sign, an austerity package that will kill our faltering economic recovery and undermine the foundation of the Democratic Party, leading to the likelihood of third parties and primary challenges emerging next year.

Part 3

We look at the moral questions raised by the actions of a few wealthy white men who call themselves Christians, who are about to unnecessarily impoverish millions of their fellow Americans in order to form a more perfect disunion. Jim Wallis, the CEO of Sojourners and author of Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street and Your Street joins us to shine a light on this hypocrisy, meanness and ideological cruelty.