Mar 16 - The Pitfalls of Nuclear Power; Security Strategy and Libya; Oil Prices

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Full Program


Part 1

Victor Gilinsky, former member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and current consultant to the Ploughshares Fund, candidly assesses the safety of nuclear power. Victor Gilinsky

Part 2

Ambassador David Mack, who has lived and served in Libya, analyzes the strategic options available as Qaddafi's forces appear to be on the verge of re-asserting control. David Mack

Part 3

University of Maryland professor Michael Greenberger, former Director
of the Division of Trading and Markets at the Commodity Futures Trading
Commission, explains the rising cost of oil. His answer--NOT international turmoil; NOT Japanese disaster; HINT: Think about the banks that screwed us back in 2008.
Michael Greenberger


Ian Masters gives his analysis of the day's program.