November 13 - Assessing the Republican Commander-in-Chief Debate; More on Dismal Choices and Declining Public Morality; Big Sports and Corporate Power in Higher Education

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Full Program



Part 1

We begin with an assessment of the Republican presidential candidate’s debate on national security, billed as the Commander-in-Chief debate. David Rothkopf, the author of “Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power” joins us. We discuss the candidate’s positions and qualifications as possible leaders of the free world. Rothkopf


Part 2

Then, for another opinion on the suitability of the Republican presidential candidates to be stewards of our national security, we are joined by Roger Morris who served on the National Security Council under Presidents Johnson and Nixon until resigning over the bombing of Cambodia. He is the author of “Between the Graves” a new book about the history of U.S./Afghan relations and is at work on a comparative Cold War history of the inner politics of the U.S. and Soviet Russia. Roger Morris


Part 3

Then finally, in light of the prolonged cover-up at Penn State to protect the storied football program, we discuss the decline of public morality and ethical values in America and at universities, and the relationship of big money, big sports and corporate power to higher education. Joining us is Henry Giroux, the author of “Youth in a Suspect Society: Democracy or Disposability?” and “The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex”. Henry Giroux previously held an endowed Chair at Penn State University.

  MUSIC: Jim O'Rourke - Memory Lane; Devendra Banhart - Foolin; Ben Harper - Excuse Me Mister; Fionn Regan - Be Good or Be Gone