November 24 - A Thanksgiving Dinner For Those Resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline; What the Majority Can Do In a Minority President's America; Reversing the Oligarchical Takeover of the World

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Part 1

We begin on this Thanksgiving, with Judy Wicks, an author and activist who is leading a delegation at Standing Rock serving Thanksgiving dinner to those resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline. For 15 years she has held an annual Native American Thanksgiving Dinner that gives thanks for the many foods in our diet first cultivated by Native Americans. Today she is cooking dinner for the Native American protesters and their supporters who have been attacked by dogs, pepper-sprayed, shot with rubber bullets and sprayed with water cannons in sub-zero temperatures, making a stand to defend their ancestral lands from what they call the “black snake”, an oil pipeline that will contribute to global warming and the further destruction of our planet.

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Part 2

Then we speak with George Lakoff, the Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California at Berkeley and a founding senior fellow at the Rockridge Institute. We discuss his article at Common Dreams “A Minority President Trump: Why the Polls Failed and What the Majority Can Do” and assess the reasons the Republicans have ended up in control of the country in spite of not winning the popular vote, as well as what people can do to fight back without just showcasing Trump in the limelight, but rather highlighting the majority’s positive moral view in the frame of the majority’s positive worldview. 

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Part 3

Then finally, as we head into a plutocratic future, accelerated by Trump’s election, we will examine what can be done to reverse the oligarchical takeover of the world where just 85 families control half of the planet’s wealth. A trend that resembles medieval duchies controlled by a few families and powerful multi-national companies, with a shrunken middle class of professionals and a vast global underclass. Stephan Schwartz, the editor of the daily web publication, and author of “The 8 Laws of Change: How to Be an Agent of Personal and Social Transformation”, joins us to discuss the movement away from concentrated global power in the hands of a few towards local control and cooperative engagement of, by and for the many.  

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